The Lows of Corn

  On the other hand, Informa’s updated corn acreage estimate this week was 88/706 million acres compared to the USDA March planting estimate at 88.02 million acres. Their previous estimate was 89.0 million. To wit: Informa is using a 174.5 bushel per acre yield, with production at 14.216 billion bushels and using their acreage and yield estimates, … [Read more…]

Natural Gas Seasonality

In this post, I’m trying to work through a process of understanding in regards to the seasonality of Natural Gas leading into the month of July. Here are the facts I’ve collected from more established market participants on the matter: Thursday’s inventory report showed an increase of 96 bcf versus the average estimate calling for … [Read more…]

Animated Timeline….

First Donald Trump told flyover America that China was largely to blame for the decline of American manufacturing. (September 26, 2016) Then, flyover America elected Donald Trump. Then, Donald Trump made Peter Navarro trade czar. (December 19, 2016) In January Trump took the first baby steps towards what has since morphed into an all-out trade … [Read more…]