​United States Housing Starts: ‘igni ferroque’.

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(Note): I apologize to myself and or to the errant reader of these economic data missives; for the delay in “publishing” today. I honestly can’t keep up with the number of releases and what I feel like is the proper analysis of the said report. Perhaps, it is the formally known as a condition called Aspergers that plagues my rapitdity.


What does the DM-IV call it now? Autism! That’s right a more blanketed statement cures all. For once, all those diagnosed with the latter condition were tainted with the scarlet letter of shame due to the correlation between the areas with most Aspergers diagnoses had the most funding of the research into the “disease”?

Nevertheless, I soldier on because at the end of the day I find each and every report, regardless of the market impact fascinating to the nth degree.



Recent History Of This Indicator
Housing starts and permits had been flat most of the year but they did accelerate sharply in October, up 13.7 percent for starts to a 1.290 million annualized rate and up 7.4 percent for permits to 1.316 million (1.297 million initially reported). October’s highlights included starts for single-family homes, up 5.3 percent to an 877,000 rate, and permits for multi-family homes which rose 15.9 percent to 466,000. Forecasters see give back in November with the consensus for starts at 1.240 million and permits at 1.270 million.

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Here’s Goldman with the Bottom Line.

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