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How accurate is the statement that history doesn’t repeat itself but instead, it rhymes?  Becuase haven’t we seen this distraction before, in 2011? Days before the United States led a team of coalition troops into Iran and killed Osama Bin Laden.

With today’s headlines and the number one Google Trend being the engagement of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry of Wales, my senses are raised.

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Questions have been swirling around as to why Prince Harry would marry a divorcee, clearly, the Star* (my opinion) of the hit the USA- television show Suits, would not be a proper match for a Prince, right?


Wrong! Because just like George W. Bush, who was led into the White House swinging by Papi’s (George H.W. Bush) left hand and Dick Chaney’s right side, so too is this marriage, a clear diversion.

That being, my bullshit reader tells me the timing of this engagement is somewhat on cue to distract people away from the quagmire that has become the Brexit negotiations.

The Independent’s Ms. Rachael Revesz writes today in an article entitled, ‘Brexit is UK’s Vietnam as’ no one wants to say it’s not going well,’ says LSE Professor,’ Conor Gearty.

Mr. Gearty writes in an LSE blog post, Happy Brexit? ,

“Brexit strikes me as our Vietnam. Everybody rational knows it is – how can I put it politely? – not going well. But no one with authority seems able to say so.”

Perhaps you have been well initiated in the depths of insanity that the Vietnam War escalated to, thanks in part to Ken Burns’ recent Vietnam Documentary. Or maybe you haven’t, if not check it out here The Vietnam War it’s worth an afternoon.

In the documentary series, President Lydon B. Johnson describes his sleepless night thinking about what he is leading the United States into. He says,

“What the hell is Vietnam worth to me? … What is it worth to this country? … It’s damn easy to get in a war, but it’s going to be awfully hard to ever extricate yourself if you get in.”

This is how Mr. Gearty and those fearful of the significant transfer of power being given to the executive branch, must be feeling. We’re in too deep, they say! Now, the Government can adopt and disband EU laws without a required vote from the Parliament after the Brexit. This know as the Henery VII clause.

Sounds like W, ” Either you’re with us, or you’re with the terrorist.”


Regardless, of the mounting contentment for those in the executive branch are becoming, Queen Elizabeth, reigning over the kingdom since 1951, has undoubtedly a thing or two up her stockings to distract the proletariat from the goings on in the Parliament.

Alas, an engagement!

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To Prince Harry of Wales, no less. A member of the royal family never to have a bloody hell’s shot at the throne. Who in most recent times was caught buggering about in Nazi costumes and even pictured wearing nothing at all. Presumably, both incidents from all-night benders that leave someone’s judgment a bit frayed and one’s mind certainly not on the ramifications of the public image of the Royal Throne.

That being said, I’d say Prince Harry owes Queen Elizabeth a favor. Bite the bullet Prince Harry and marry the “tainted” TV star. You’ll join the other member of the royal family that married a woman once already married. Oh yea, he liked Nazi’s too.

Prinz Harrys Urgroßonkel Herzog von Windsor traf Hitler

“Prince William / Harry ain’t do it right. If I was him, I’d Mary-Kate and Ashley.”  – K.W.




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