Chapter X: Noah, Joesph, and Market Bubbles.



Within this post, I am hashing out some process heuristics that will help identify opportunities within a Trade, Trend, Tail duration. I was reading The (Mis) Behavior of Markets last night, and Chapter X discusses the importance of identifying a trend within markets.

The book and subsequent chapter was the catalyst for me to spill some digital ink (Heisenberg phrase) on my process. I will add to the company-specific narratives with their accompanying charts throughout the day, as I read up on some of my favorites.

What did Buffet say yesterday?

” I don’t tweet; I’d rather read 10-ks.”

wyckoffpricecyclekocic 11. Identify whether the security is over its long-term moving average (240-250).
2. Identify the Relative Strength Factor, it being an ETF or use the SCTR trend line.
3. Using the Slow Stochastics (5,1), contextulaize the “money wave” parameters at 80< & 20> , as signals.
4. Use the ATR to step up stop losses and measure the move being priced in by the options market.
5. Use high volume securities only.
6. Gatekeeping through a review of a bottom-up approach to the narrative within the larger top-down view of the economy as a whole. Are correlation risks present in the underlying?

$ABBV : AbbieVie, Inc.


$BAC : Bank of America Corp. 


$BW : Babcock & Wilcox, Inc. 


$CME : CME Group, Inc. 


$CSRA : CSRA ,Inc.


$DE : Deere & Co.


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