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Food for Thought: How would you fund a large purchase?

Source: BofAML, @tracyalloway

China: Growth in outward tourism has been a drag on China’s current account.


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The United States: The August SMI (Sales Manager Index) report from World Economics also shows strong business activity in August. Business confidence keeps improving, and hiring has accelerated. More firms are boosting sales prices.

Source: World Economics

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In European Equity Markets the pan-European Stoxx 600 was closed up 0.64 percent, with the majority of sectors ending in positive territory.


On the bourses front, the U.K.’s FTSE 100 rose 0.57 percent, while France’s CAC 40 gained 0.71 percent and Germany’s DAX jumped 1.05 percent.




“SPX daily chart shows no changes after the upside exhaustion exhibited on Friday.” 

SPX bullish sentiment is at 70% Pasted Graphic.tiff

—> “ S&P 500 Index has an upside red Sequential Countdown on day 13 in play. This is what we have been expecting and a reversal down should start within the next 10 days. Also,note the Downside Trend Factor Price targets 2700 and 2553” – HFT 


“NASDAQ 100 Index has seen both red sequential and pink Combo 13 exhaustion signals last seen in January. And now a secondary Countdown from January as well.” – HFT 
“NDX Index has now bounced off the 50 day twice. I have focused on the first upside exhaustion signals in July which worked well for a pullback to the 50 day, yet there is a secondary upside red countdown; that is on day 11 of 13. If the green Setup on the downside completes 9 consecutive closes lower than 4 previous closes then the pending upside red Countdown will be canceled.” -HFT  


NASDAQ bullish sentiment is at 67% 

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