The Grains Complex III: ​IV

  Today in history (1940) Winston Churchill is appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom following the resignation of Neville Chamberlain.   Outside Markets: Crude oil is $71.62, up 48 cents per barrel after rising $2+ on Wednesday in the wake of the President’s Iran announcement. Gold is $1321.10, up $8.10 per ounce. The dollar … [Read more…]

The Grains Complex III:III

  Today in history (1671) Thomas Blood, disguised as a clergyman, attempts to steal England’s Crown Jewels from the Tower of London.   Outside Markets: The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed 2.89 points higher at 24,360.21, the Nasdaq Composite gained 1.69 points to 7,266.90, and the S&P 500 lost 0.71 points to 2,671.92 Tuesday. DJIA … [Read more…]

The Grains Complex III:II

    Today in History (1886) pharmacist John Pemberton first sells a carbonated beverage named “Coca-Cola” as a patent medicine. Which only brings this to mind… And great timing for Goldman Sachs Consumer Staples Conference with $KO .   Outside Markets: The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed 94.81 points higher (0.4%) at 24,357.32, the Nasdaq Composite … [Read more…]

The Grains Complex III:I

  On this day in 1902, Martinique’s Mount Pele begins the deadliest volcanic eruption of the 20th century. The following day, the city of Saint Pierre, which some called the Paris of the Caribbean, was virtually wiped off the map. Outside Markets:  Crude oil is $70.64, up 92 cents per barrel. Gold is $1313.80, down … [Read more…]