This is America. You don’t make money you’re a fucking douchebag. Now whatcha gonna do?

Today, gearing up for another week ahead, I want to examine the political utility of “ideal theory”. After reading  Public Policy After Utopia by Will Wilkinson and digressing through the works of Gerald Gaus The Tyranny of the Ideal Justice in a Diverse Society  and Jacob Levy There’s No Such Thing as Ideal Theory , … [Read more…]

The Edge

  “There is no such thing as control… there are only probabilities “ – Artemis Capital Management L.P.       A brief excerpt from Hunter S. Thompson’s book, Hell’s Angles.   So it was always at night, like a werewolf, that I would take the thing out for an honest run down the coast. … [Read more…]

The Oracle of Boston

The-Oracle-of-Boston Seth-Klarman-on-the-Painful-Decision-to-Hold-Cash Baupost 2Q 2017 Letter Over the Newswire this morning, we hear from the East Coast Oracle of Boston, Mr. Keth Klarman, of the Baupost Group. As he see’s markets today, individuals are asking the wrong question regarding markets perched at such lofty heights. Investors are asking “Why sell?” when they should be asking “How … [Read more…]