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The Global state of affairs in 2017 is no different than seventeen years post-Dr. Thompson’s standing column for ESPN entailed ‘Hey Rube’. In his mid-October missive, Dr. Thompson speaks on the traditional undercurrents that begin to emerge this time of year.

In Finance we consider these times of change as an ‘Inflection point’, in other words, there’s a point at which we transition from being concave downwards to concave upwards. By studying derivatives and their functions [ f(x) ] and then applying them to our daily observations of life experience on the ‘Blue Planet’ can give us so reprieve and even comedic relief if you look hard enough.

Just ask Kanye. He knows.


Then is it of any surprise that as the day’s get shorter and the night stretching further into the time that was reserved for daylight; we find ourselves at the ‘Inflection point‘.

Both naturally and emotionally. After all, it has been a Summer and early Fall filled with threats both foreign and domestic. [Apply your top three concerns here for yourself.]

However, there is a natural slowdown taking place, always indicated by the growing ever distant hum of  ‘socket puppets’ narrating the next Global Risk event in the background to daily tasks.

Perhaps, experiencing the seasonal cycles and their corresponding inflection points into and out of them, could most aptly define the holy-grail of buzz-words, ‘melting-up‘?

Nothing matters from devils day at the end of October to the New Year’s Eve ball drop in New York City.

I can’t think of a lower point in my own despair and self-loathing that on that night. It being ever exploited by the fact I was born on December 31st to an Accountant, of course.

Mark me down Uncle Sam for being present and accounted for a full year in advance.

Nevertheless,  the nadir of New Year’s Eve is followed by The NHL’s yearly Winter Classic series on the first of the month and New Year, which are regular season hockey games that are played in outdoor areas. Great fun for all and hints at the countdown beginning until spring’s inflection point is soon upon us.

Without further ado here’s Dr. Gonzo… and Thank you for indulging far from adequate opening remarks & ramblings.


By Hunter S. Thompson
Page 2 columnist

“Something is happening here,
But you don’t know what it is,
Do you, Mr. Jones?”
— Bob Dylan

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